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Inside the Mentoring Program you'll get access to:

Six Months (or 12) of Personal 1-on-1 Assistance and Guidance for your Affiliate Marketing Business

Skype, Email, Phone consultations with bi-weekly conferences to check progress and compare notes on what's happened since our last contact.  And yes, this is all with ME (not someone on my team).

My personal direction over the business (as if I was a partner of yours) - I give advice every step of the way and 'do what I'd do' each step.

Access to my business contacts for EVERY component of how I do things. EVERY single outsourcer, link purchase, literally everything you can think of to go from A to Z to get every aspect down to the finest of details, I share it all with you as needed. 
Affiliate marketing is such a lucrative business that it is rare to find someone willing to show the ropes to others. Tim is one of those rare gems, and my income has both increased and diversified as a direct result of implementing his training.
- Quinton Hampton, AffiliateU Student
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Why Work with Tim Schmidt, AffiliateU? 
Tim Schmidt has been working online now for over 15 years, he is someone who is always looking to up his game, and he has made millions of dollars through affiliate marketing in that time. 

He's been a multi-million dollar affiliate marketer for 10+ years now. Over time he's become the “go to” guy that affiliate marketers reach out to when they’re out of ideas, or “peaked” in their niche.

Chances are, many of the major concepts you’ve ever heard about affiliate marketing originated with Tim's strategies.

He's helped legendary affiliate marketers (rookie and veterans alike), level up their marketing game, leverage their authority, and increase their income 10-20 fold.
  • You’ll discover THE same Persona hacking system that allows me to do 7 figures annually in multiple niches -- in multiple affiliate programs by tapping into the human mind and buying triggers.
  • These strategies are bulletproof methods that are time tested in several markets, and can be used and scaled in any niche to help improve your conversions across the board.
  • Once you get going, I'll take you through strategies for scaling your business to be as big as you want.
We can make that Amazing Affiliate Marketing dream of yours actually come true, with my strategies, coaching and your effort. 

Imagine being able to work from your living room couch, or your poolside, any time you want. 

Imagine not having to worry about having enough time to spend with your family.

Imagine being able to attend every single soccer game or violin recital for your kids.

Imagine being able to comfortably retire, without having to worry about a medical emergency bankrupting your family. 

This is not only possible, but thousands of affiliate marketers are able to do this every year... from basic affiliate marketing businesses!

If they can do it, so can you. If you were offered this dream...

You'd work your butt off to make this come true, right?
Income report: 0 to $10k/month in 6 months.  Met and started getting mentored by Tim in February and the numbers speak for themselves. Thanks Tim for all of your help and insightful ideas. 

Good luck AffiliateU, and here's to the 2nd half of 2018.
Jason T Yoon
September was my first ever 10k month and in December I had my first 1k day. I'll be leaving my day job in a few months and then it's really on :).  Thank you Tim, Brandom and everyone else in the AffiliateU community. I tend to stay quiet, but I wouldn't have gotten anywhere I am without AffiliateU.
Szymon Mazus
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